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Some pictures to share with others if interested. Please go Here for the pictures.

VIDEOS! I have posted some videos, so far I have three up for view, I have much more to post later...
video of the flood on Saturday near PEAK
video of the flood on Satruday near PEAK(2)
Video of some very low clouds on Sunday

Here are the albums I have up so far:
Feb 6th '05 (after major flood in early jan '05)
Flooding we saw on Feb 12-13th '05

Feb 5th 2007 Ravnostic has taken over control of this website!! Originally done by my coworker and friend Shane, I'm finally on my own, learning as I go, but hosting myself and doing my own scripting. The fact that you're reading this means it's going well so far!! More to come soon. Stay tuned, and visit me at Or click the picture below:

And yes, that's a picture from Fossil Springs!!
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